Is IPO application valid if CVL KRA email and mobile verification not done?

Untill we complete the CVL KRA verfication can i not apply for IPO? will i not get any allotments?
i was able to complete only email verification at the moment and submitted it since i need to update the mobile number on aadhar as well as kite and do reKYC.
Is this enough for now in order for me to participate in selling some of the securitites i get through IPO? or even my applications to IPO will be witheld due to this? as well as selling them unless i complete everything including mobile and aadhar verification?

You may apply for an IPO, however, the applications would fail at the exchange or registrar of the company.

Both email address and mobile number need to be validated (for resident a/cs). If details are incorrect or old in KRA records and correct at Zerodha, you simply need to do the Re-KYC online (with Update details as per Aadhaar).

And yes, you will not be able to exit any holdings until your details are validated at KRA.

All your queries are addressed here: Mandatory email & mobile verification at KRA

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