Is it a good idea to invest in shares in which big boys have invested?

Is it a good idea to pick stocks from portfolio of Rakesh zunzunwala, Ramesh Damani, Vijay Kedia, porinjuveliyath etc?

if yes, what is the reliable way to find their portfolio?

I see some websites giving details of portfolio but some say its not useful because it gives details at the end of quarter …by that time profit is booked …

Yeah, but only if you intend not only about the instruments but also about the time frame.

do you really think there is a reliable way that exists, in a whole in the market?

Of course some quarters are good but some quarters are bad, but when you are really holding them for a large time frame as these big boys do , then these won’t matter much to you, isn’t it?

Also, FYI, its jhunjhunwala and not zunzunwala.

If you have enough money as they have then you follow them blindly, else research thoroughly then invest your hard-earned money.

what do you mean ? whole in the market?

I don’t think it’s a good idea. Because when they buy it’s news and you can follow. But you don’t know when will they sell. They won’t come and tell you that. So, before you realize that they have sold the stock they were holding, it might be too late for you. So best is, find your own way.

never ever try to follow these guys…you won’t know when they buy & come out. reports floated are sometimes fake & outdated so be careful. as of now u must be aware that RK, Porinju stocks have also fallen 60-70% from peak…