Is it allowed to trade stocks listed as BE in bse bt not on nse

Just wantd to clear is it allowed to do intraday on stocks listed as t2t or ‘be’ in bse bt not on nse ?

It means cn be traded on nse

No, you cannot trade intraday in stocks in the Trade to Trade category, either on NSE or BSE.
More information on Trade to Trade category in this Support article.

Alchem is listed as be (in zerodha) in bse bt nt 'be’in nse (while searching stocks) … many mre examples … is it banned fr intrady in both nse n bse ?
If ys, why zerodha showing ‘be’ in bse nt in nse

On NSE, when a stock changes category, the symbol is changed. From ALCHEM to ALCHEM-BE. This is not the case on BSE where the symbol remains the same. However, the category is updated and intraday trading won’t be allowed in both NSE and BSE.