Is it even remotely possible that limit orders get executed beyond your limit price?

I have noticed in few circumstances, price limit is NOT duly adhered. For instance I bought 170 TCS shares MIS at 2408 using limit order, In trade book (14+5+3+24+5+79+40=170) shares have been bought exactly at 2408.

Later price moved down. So I decided to sell those shares and set a Limit Sell order at 2405, In trade book I could see (87+13+1+50+9+10=170) shares are sold. The last 10 shares got sold at 2404 and remaining 160 shares got sold at 2405.

Why the 10 shares got sold at a lesser price, even though my limit price is 2405?

If it has been sold at 2406 or something, I understand it is normal, but why 2404?

I have noticed such instances a few times, but execution is not very far away from limit price, but it is on the negative side.

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In my opinion, it shouldn’t.

Since you are defining the price at which you want to buy/sell, it should get executed at the same price or at a lower/higher price depending on whether you are buying/selling.

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Yeah, thats what I believe too, there are instances, I was surprised to see execution of prices below by limit price. When i open Trade Book and see the detailed sale orders, I see atleast one set of order which gets sold below the Limit Price, marginally but lesser than limit price. That is why I raised this question.
Anyway thanks for your insights!