Is it good idea to run SIP and SWP in uptrending stocks?

Hi all, as title says the idea is to invest X amount in good value uptrending stocks every Monday morning as GTT order with take profit as n% such as 3%. As lower is the take profit %, higher chances to recover the principle back for next round of reinvesting.

If I understand correctly, the returns from any kinds of investment on planet are either earned as a monthly small return such as dividends/house rent/FD interest or selling off the principle asset itself such as equity, real estate.

As a thumb rule, I know buy stocks and forget for next 5-10 years but if some person wants to make additional bucks as a side hustle, can this be a good opportunity?

Today a company employed people want to run side hustles such as running a shop/restaurant/café but I think if we keep on re-investing the money using above idea, then at least higher chances that the principle will remain safe because when someone invests in cafe, to me it looks like a person is paying for liabilities as side hustle businesses involves fixed expenditures like rent/salary etc.

Has anyone tried this before? Need help

How do you plan to do this? Can you elaborate?

If the stocks don’t rise and fall or consolidate after you invest, how long will you stay invested? That part of your capital, that allocation will get stuck in the stock.

And what about stop loss? Do you sell if the SL is hit or will stay for the price to rise, if so how long will you stay?

If stock consolidates, then I will stay invested till the time target triggers. There is no SL, it’s a delivery based trading. The idea is to invest in FMCG stocks.
Yes, it is possible to block the capital for even multiple months or years.

SL is for every kind of trading, not just intraday. SL exists because the loss could be more than what it is today and, capital being stuck in that trade indefinitely. So one can think of SL too before creating a plan.

So you invest in a FMCG stock, expect to book profits if it rises by say 3% or 5%, but if consolidates or falls, you will wait for the stock to move up till it reaches your target price. That is it, right?

But if your stock universe is limited to FMCG sector, and if all the stocks in that sector move in tandem, more or less, you may not get any stocks in uptrend. What would you do then?