Is it legal to share trade setups on youtube?

I am a discretionary trader and would like to share my setups on youtube. Is it legal to do this?

what if you make a mistake and others following your charts loose loads of money & the person hangs himself with a suicide note stating that following your charts he lost money & hence the suicide ??? - i am just stating the worst case scenario… please think about that & how to get around it…:smiling_imp:

If you want post such setups if have to provide a risk disclaimer and advice the viewers to read the risk disclaimer at starting of the videos before explaining anything.
I have seen some people do this and I think it does make not liable but proceed at your own risk.

this is what i want to know, whether i will be held liable legally in case someone hangs himself/suicides?

will you know of an expert who can throw some more light on this front pls?

By the time SEBI takes action on you will retire. :grinning:

Enjoy your trading

There might be some inquiry as a follow up to the thankyou note, your subscriber has left behind for you.

The police is likely to knock your door too. Finally after 10 years they will decide you are not guilty.

Once the police starts knocking your door , the neighborhood will brand you as some kind of Criminal, this would happen within a week.

If you want to live a decent life, why get involved in all this chaos ?

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Bhai stoppp … given up on this idea… anyhow i wonder how those giving calls are legally not responsible for a trader’s loss… wonder how brokers are not legally bound towards losses made by trader due to broker’s technical glitch… if those suiciding leave a suicide note against these ppl, will they be help liable?

we, need a precedence … know anyone who is on the brink of leaving such notes?:laughing:

@RahulN they give a disclaimer officially. But as per law i am sure there are some laws in India, at least in USA - you are not allowed to give tips on stock market, even if they cant hold you fully responsible for the suicide of your dear subscriber, you will face jail time for few months up to 11 months and community service for 3 years and banned from trading for 5 years.
In case you are itching to impart your knowledge to the youtube community, then the following is what others are doing :
Make educational videos on youtube. teach on youtube , explain your setups , explain what should happen next as per technical analysis. that is fair. you will also have to state explicitly that you are not offering tips or selling technical analysis for cannot take $$$ from anyone against your video- as soon as you do so 'jail time" because indirectly you are selling tips. your earning prospects from this whole endeavor would be youtube views & subscription money. who knows you can be the next Pewdiepie … have a lok PewDiePie - Wikipedia :sunglasses:

Nobody can come after u, if u just have shared knowledge, even if someone dies hanging himself writing ur name, last i checked u cannot be booked for his suicide, but if u have tried to sell stuff that doesn’t work and have intentionally given false information for your benefit you can be booked, also better get an NCFM certification from NSE so u ll b certified for the info you share and as ppl have suggested put a disclaimer.