Is it mandatory to use trade rocket if we want to use streak with zerodha?

Is it mandatory to use a trade rocket if we want to use streak with zerodha? What is the purpose of this plugin?

No, that plugin is not from Zerodha, we don’t recommend it.

But I read that we need it for orders to be placed on zerodha. How will the order get placed with this plugin?

That is third party pulgin, if one knows coding they can do lot of cool things.

How is order placed in zerodha from streak? Is it manual if we dont use any plugin?

Right, fully auto is not allowed for retail clients. Also we don’t recommend using that plugin.

Is there any specific reason not integrating them as workflow.

are we bind by the govt policy or something else ?

Yeah, regulations won’t allow, if it is allowed we would have provided on streak itself.

Is this mentioned on steak? I keep getting emails for it if it’s not for retail, please highlight it on the site

What @Siva meant was fully auto trading isn’t allowed for retail clients, you can use Streak without any worries, it is not fully automated, the end decision to place an order is yours to make.

Got it. And what about sensibull? Does the order placed on sensibull gets placed without any plugin?

Yes, it is same for Sensibull as well. There is no need for you to use any plugins to place orders.

Thanks. Does the option chain get updated every second on sensibull? or is there any delay in the result?

Sensibull Option Chain is real-time.

due to compliance full auto trade is not allowed in Streak but personally, I have used trade rocket a couple of times and didn’t face any issue as such. You can definitely try it out with 1 or 2 shares.