Is it necessary to register as an NBFC when forming a company to trade in the markets?

I am a full-time day trader and am planning to form a company. But When I tried to register the company the consultant said that if the company’s objective is to deal with financial assets then it should be formed as an NBFC company.

I do not wish to deal with public money. I intend to trade intraday in Futures, Options and commodities. Can someone please clarify if this is the case.

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I also have a similar query. If an individual wish to become a broker with NSE, only for EQ and MIS. What are the requirement and procedure.

From a look at NSE website, it seems the total deposit be 75L, and 10000/- yearly + taxes ? It also talks about 2 yrs of experience as an assistant /clerk… But how about those managing own portfolio through existing brokers…

NSE has something called alpha membership for people who don’t intend to run a brokerage business. I have explained here

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