Is it possible 35% returns every month in NSE FnO using 9 lakh as trading capital

I know something vague has hit me because I am asking this question.

Actually this has not remained as a question since 6 months. But after incurring losses every month and year; since I started trading 6 years back; whether its intraday or swing; using technical indicators or patterns; this 35% profit per month fact has struck me like a lightening and I am still not recovering from the pleasant shock and most often I laugh over this fact.

This fact is not happening with me as I still make net losses on my own trades. But 6 months back very accidentally happened to meet a middle aged guy who is staying in my locality. He is shy, introvert, not ever appeared on social media or mobile phone platforms, not to be seen on public functions. No body knows about him or his trading profession as he is rarely seen outside of his house and never talked about it with anyone.

6 months back I happened to meet him and came to know that he is trading intraday in stock market for a living. I smilingly (rather sarcastically) asked - how much percentage he is making monthly for a living? I really wanted to know how much he is actually losing monthly. I wanted to compare my losing with him.

He told minimum 35% profits monthly on 9 lakhs capital. I was sure he was bluffing. Without hesitation i told him that I am making losses since the day I started and how can he make such insane profits?! He smilingly told that he is studied rather different things about the market and asked me to come to his home at 8.30a.m to get recommendation for the day.

If you are interested in real trading then at least you have to come over and visit me personally for the day. He was serious. He did not had any zeal in his voice. He was flat without any excitement. He talked very very less. He looked like a real loser.

Out of curiosity, to test him I visited his 800 mtrs away house at 8.30a,m. randomly as he never gave out his phone number. He said he does not like all these digital gadgets and don’t want to even talk on phone which just adds up to noise in his mind. He said he is using some pentium powered laptop which is some 8 years old for trading.

“Buy or sell” at around average opening price within 6 to 12 minutes of the opening bell and get out of the trade when your profit exceeds 11k per lot. That is the only instruction he gave. If you did not get your 11K from the average buy or sell price of the opening price, just hold on for the next day. Never fear, never exit in a loss and NO STOP LOSS. This was another added instruction from him.

In these 6 months I paid random visit to his house at 8.30a.m. to get intraday recommendations. I visited weekly once. He does not trade on expiry week and on some eventful days like budget and election results even if it is state election results. There will be some 9 days off in a month starting from expiry week to his trading. He said - candles will be disturbed during the expiry week and if I say more - you will not understand! - that’s another point he adds. At least 20 to 25 recommendation I got from him on random days in these 6 months. All exited at 11K or more profits in intraday. I noticed that the day I did not get 11K profit per lot; the next day the position went to give 20K profits or more comfortably.

Today morning I visited him for a few minutes and got a buy call for Jindal Steel and Tata Steel at around opening price. Exited Jindal Steel in 13K profits/lot and Tata Steel in 11k profit.

For me he looks like possessed by superior knowledge. He does not talk at all even if I try drag him into conversation. I guess talking puts him in off mode. He himself says that - all the things around you is just noise. He is not at all interested in money matters. At some point of time he told me that money does not excite him but only his views for the day and he is not greedy by birth and more spiritual in thoughts. He said it took him 10 years of very hard work to gain the exact working knowledge of the stock market. In those 10 hard working years he lost around some 23 lakhs due to real trading without adding any income and survived on many credit cards he had paying high interest. But he never lost hope even though he is not financially stable and only the thing he mastered was focus about price movement -he said. He also said - i may see a digit “6” while he may see a digit “9” while others may see something else regarding the stock market views. He always advises me to stay away from my own trading - as i bound to get losses due to my lack of knowledge. As far as I know he trades with only 1 or 2 lots max. per trade and not more that 2 trades for the day- however sure he is about his views. And he does not like to be in front of his laptop; even if its an intraday; once he punched his buy/sell order in the morning. He strictly tells me that not to exceed 1 lot for his recommendation as stock market would be there even after 10 years from here on everyday.

Great man great thoughts great knowledge. I am sure he would get annoyed if ever he comes to know that I wrote about him in a public platform. Such an introvert man. I hope he never know about this site.

There might be many traders here who does the same magic. But its my fortune that I met one in my life time and got to know how they look, behave and think! My English language is not so good but could not stop myself from writing after this wonderful experience about a real gritty successful trader. Thanks for reading.


Options or futures

hai @Udi , i explain lot of threads here about risk management , see 35 % its not possible some body will told to you or make promise about that return , believe me no one cannot get return every month ,if they are telling YES they are teliing lie . i am in 10+ years in the market , i am earning 5% every month 85 to 95% i will come out with profit only in option ,

i create asset through the profit only . without capital i creat an asset for long term investment for my family ,

you dont know a proper planning again you will loose money in the market , always learn yourself , your expectation are unimaginable , 35 % every month you expect and you are trading through you will loose your whole capital very soon ,
expect a reasonable return like monthly 5 % its achievale , i am trading and living more than 10 years as expectation as 5 % ,i love maket - market loves me

If you try to milk more money in the market
Market suck your blood as much as you have - Richard


He recommends me to trade in futures only. I remember several times he told so - when I visited him. As far as I know he trades only in futures. I am in no doubt that he practices what he preached (nothing much, a few cautions in trading I say). He talks so less. What amazes me strictly NO STOP LOSS. He must be having a lot of conviction about whatever little he says. Knowing him I too do not drag him even a little. May be next week when I visit him I try to post his call here by 9 a,m. I just do not want to do so. I want other traders to feel this “blessed” experience. I know he just will not like this if ever he comes to know about my writing this on him. May be real people just behave like him.

As I see at EOD; the Tatasteel and jindalsteel have just rocketed sky high. But always he insists me; exit at 11k profit and I never exited with less than 11k profit for his call. Tested at least with 20 trading calls on random days (only once a week i go to him). I too just don’t want to expose my greediness by showing up every other day to him.

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Hi Riyas,

thanks for sharing your experience. I really do not know much about trading or related precautions. I take 2 or 3 trades for a month on my own using indicators and very rarely get a substantial noteworthy profit but at the end of month its all net loss most of the months. This is going on 5 - 6 years since I started after “learning” market LOL.

But whatever I wrote about this guy who is generating 35% monthly returns;I am too just can’t believe it. He has struggled hard in achieving this. His little talks shows up that. He advises not to trade on my own. I did not practice his caution yet. For the first 15 calls I tried in cash in whatever capacity I can. Only since some 45 days I have got belief and trying in futures. As he strictly says NO STOP LOSS, I always will be in 2 minds before entering his calls in futures. But he is very clear and very distinct. I never got less than 11k in his last 6 to 7 calls. Whatever he says I obey the same as I do not know much. He himself said trading futures without stop loss is …well …everyone knows. At the same breath he advises he knows about his calls. No hedging nothing.

Yeah, I did not ask him to show the ledger to see 35% minimum profit. But his calls…i do not know how anyone can get it so right every time in intraday on random days…I don’t know. I really do not know.

Sorry Riyas, I cannot talk about anything like proper planning or money management as my knowledge is very limited in the trading sphere. I just tried to share my experience with a real trader after experiencing continuous success with successive 20+ intraday calls. Nothing went against his view till now (since 6 months). As far as I remember I had to hold his calls 3 times overnite for the desired profit.

One day i may lose badly. Your caution noted. Thank you very much…

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Why did he didn’t become billionaire yet.
See I am not here discouraging anyone but making such claims that too intraday trading futures doesn’t get well and that too by saying that he only uses 9 lakh.And suppose if it were true I know people make 35percent of 9 lakh that is nearly 3lakp.m without any investment and risk. So unless amount involved is in crores don’t think of that as an achievement.


I don’t do fnO trading so here’s a question. How many shares or units in 1 lot that your friend was trading in?

Develop your own strategy.

Trading is injurious to health & wealth.
Do long term investing in attractively valued quality companies (there are many). And even you could have Rs. 9 crores after 10 years from that initial Rs. 9 lakhs.

To get in the big game, you have think big.
Trading isn’t that game.

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hi Akarsh, that depends on the scrip you chose to trade. Tatasteel has 1500 lot size while bajaj-auto has 250 as their lot size. I do around 2 to 3 trades on my own in fno per month using few indicators like macd, rsi and supertrend combined. Most of the months end up with net loss.

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If indicators aren’t working for you, you should learn price action trading.


This is unrelated to your original post, but, could you please tell me where I can find a list where I can know what scrip offers what lot size?

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@Akarsh, check with this link

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Trading is the game. Even investing is trading. If it doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean it won’t work for everyone else.

People make a lot of fuss here, narrating the number of years they have been in the market. Well, if you have been casually trading the market for 6 years, then a person of 1 year who put a 110% effort can easily outrun you.

I don’t like the pep talk. People already know that the game is not easy like any other business. Well yeah, run a restaurant, and tell me the chance of being successful.

It is always impossible, until someone does it.

So, doubters, if you doubt if you can make money, then well, you won’t. Is it risky? Hell yes, life itself is risky, you are not going to get out of it alive.

Making money isn’t the game. You love the game. Money is in the process.

Everything works in trading but not everytime. The question is do you have the grit to follow your system?


Possible to make -35% and make others rich.

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Sorry if it has hurt your feelings.
Let me make 2 points clear,

  1. I never said I’m an UNSUCCESSFUL trader.
  2. I never disclosed my career in number of years.

I trade all the time and I make plenty of money. But what I have SEEN with my own eyes is that investing easily outruns any trade, over long periods of time.

You said investing is trading. NO! IT AIN’T KIDDO.
In Investing, you should NEVER look at the stock price and instead figure out what the business could be worth is 10 years from now.

I hope you make money in trading and also learn some of the game.

Good luck.

No human can hurt my feelings. Not even my own daughter.

I never pointed that out to you. It was a generic view.

I am glad you are living the life. Eager to hear more from you, or in the next market wizard series.

You have a good vision. What do you eat? Carrots.

Wish, I were a kid.

Yeah okay. Wait! So, that’s is what it is. My man, my man, my man. Godsent!

Precisely. How do you know what I want? Damn man, you are too good. My man. You the man! Hell yeah.

Will this help?

Yes… it will…

That’s the law of the Universe Sir…

Say something good about others… And good will come back to you with greater intensity…

God bless you and all.

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Glad you took out 15 minutes of your life to read with such precision and replying to it point by point.


I just really spend maybe 1 minute. 15 minutes in return for just a 1 minute risk.


I wrote it back while taking a shit. Amen.
10 secs now. Bye