Is it possible to attach Demat Acct

Lets say like i want to create a new trading account with zerodha… Can i attach an existing demat account created by another broker to this new trading account… I have closed the trading account with the other broker but demat account exists since there are some mutual funds present in the demat account.

Zerodha does not allow DEMAT account with another broker (3rd party DEMAT) to Zerodha trading account.

May be you can open a demat account in Zerodha and transfer your Mf to Coin

Can’t Zerodha just create a trading account and link the existing demat account instead of creating a new demat account.

Unfortunately i closed the trading account with the other broker and i also dont have the DIS slip… So i dont know how to transfer the mutual fund from that demat to zerodha coin. Can someone guide me with the process to be followed in this situation.

open account with traditional broker and attach demat account , zerodha till now dont support this

You need to open a new demat account + trading account with a new broker/trading platform like Zerodha. Post that, you can write to the old demat depository to close the account and transfer all holdings to the new demat. This process is free of cost. DIS etc not required.

All your holdings incl MF units will get transferred to the new account. there would not be any tax implications.

Since you still have a demat account with them, you can request for a DIS booklet. You will have to have opened a new demat account to transfer securities from your existing account.

Do opt for the ‘closure-cum-transfer’ option to avoid paying transaction fee on the transfer of shares.