Is it possible to connect two broker at the same time

Is it possible to connect two broker at the same time.

I have two algo, one I would like to run on Zerodha and one I want to run on Upstox. Is it possible to do that in a single account?


Hi @Keith_Guy,

All payments are tagged to your client id. The subscription paid for each broker’s client id is Unique. So if a user has a Streak subscription with a broker A account, he will not be able to log in with his broker B account and use the same subscription.

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I wish to segregate my funds for cash and options while using streak. How To Do That?

@Sood_Sood Streak only sends alert notifications when your conditions are met. Streak does not access your funds. When you act on the notification, an order is placed and the broker blocks the required margin.

Don’t think you can do that in trading a/c too. @ShubhS9 is this possible?

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Hey @Krishnendu !
Thanks for replying. This does not happen in accounts. What I do is I have two different accounts with brokerage, One I use for FO and other one for CASH. This helps me segregate funds. I would love it if two or more broker accounts can be linked to a single streak account. This will help to segregate funds.
The reason I ask, I have a very aggressive FO trading style and very passive Cash style for long term trades. At times call are offered by streak for long term trades as well but due to previous FO calls, all funds get occupied. I know I can choose to act upon the calls, but I am looking for a way to automate and build a more stable system.

Do you mind me asking why streak does not access funds and offer a completely automated solution? RBI mandates?

This is currently not possible.

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Is there a way to make a strategy run between certain dates of a month? I do not want one of my strategy to run in the expiry week. I am aware I can do it manually, but I want to automate it. Is there a way to automate it?
Candle time I tried but not able to come up with a logic.

This is currently not possible but it will be soon. We will be adding more features to the CandleTime function which will enable you to add such conditions. This is in our roadmap @Sood_Sood

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i want to subscribe to One streak account and connect two zerodha accounts. Strategy will be whenever i take trade in the first account through streak. in the second acount it should duplicate the trade opposite. direction In case if i have taken a buy position in first account. in the second account, automatically it should take sell position (Double the quantity) is it possible.
Concept is always i make loss . So i am planning tp lose to myself itself. Please let me know your suggestions, how we can do this In streak