Is it possible to know %age of SEBI mandated broker level OI limit reached for USDINR?

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I was not allowed to place fresh orders on zerodha with a message saying OI limit has been crossed. Refer to the image below

The restriction was in effect for all USDINR contracts be it ATM/ITM/OTM and also across all monthly/weekly expiries. My only option was to exit at a loss.
While in the case of index/equity derivatives one can use the custodian route, orbis does’nt support currencies as of now and the only solution seems to be to have another backup broker.
In the case of equity derivatives MWPL and other such details is readily available here(i don’t know for sure if its across all brokers or just for zerodha). My question is if its possible to get to know what percentage of prescribed OI limit has already been reached?
So if for example if 98% of zerodha’s limit for USDINR contracts has already been used up i wont even bother to initiate the trade in the first place. While OI data is freely available, my query is can i know the OI quota available with zerodha

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OI limit is dynamic which will change every minute according to the number of lots taken/closed. Brokers can track the live OI of their own entity via the exchange provided site which is available only for brokers. As the OI limit changes frequently it is not possible to share the OI limit.
OI violation in the USDINR pair is a very rare scenario, unlike the index option. FYI We don’t have any restrictions now on the USDINR pair.

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Does this mean a permanent solution/workaround is now in place and i don’t need to think about getting a backup broker account?

incase if i sell at 0.25 in the expiry day and not squaring of that position.
Will i get the that premium after settlement ?