Is it possible to manually trail stoploss in Bracket Order? Also can we increase the target once we have entered the trade using BO?

I like to use BO over CO because you can enter using limit order which is not possible in CO.But the problem is trailing the stoploss, i dont like to use automatic trailing stoploss and was wondering if it is possible to manually trail SL in bracket order. I have never modified BO once I had entered a trade hence dont know if it possible to modify the target or manually trail the stoploss.

Yes, it is possible, while initiating the main BO order just fill up the columns of target and stoploss and ignore trailing stoploss column.
Once the main leg is completed for BO in single trade then two legs will be placed in to the system, one is target and other will be stop loss.
One can manually change target or stoploss accordingly any number of times.