Is it possible to select stocks from cah market based on certain pre defined rules but trade the same scrips in Futures Market using Pi or Algo Z?

I want to select the top 2 gainers and Losers from a set of pre defined stocks. But buy / sell the gainers / losers above / below their respective highs / lows in the Futures market, at a single click of a button. Please tell me is it possible using Algo Z or Pi???

Tradescript in ZT or Pi works for any specific scrip that you add in Scanner or Scripted Alert.

For ex: if you want an alert for ICICIBANKFEB15FUT, you need to have that particular scrip added in Scanner/ Scripted Alert. 

But hey, don't you think, the %ge movement in Futures will be in-line with movement in equity cash most of the times :). So you can add the same scrip[Futures scrip] in Scripted Alert and Scanner [which scans for the criteria as per the code in live market]. In Scanner, as and when corresponding criteria is satisfied, Trade button will show up. You can click on Trade button and place order immediately. 

Once daily/ EOD chart are available on Pi, you can put script like LAST>HIGH [for Buy] or LAST< LOW [for Sell] and get alerts. Hope this helps with your query.

The values does go in line mostly, but sometimes when trading in lower timeframes there are no transactions in futures, distorting the calculation .