Is it possible to switch between two different schemes of the same AMC on Coin and will short term capital gains tax be applicable?

Can someone let me know if it is possible to switch between schemes of the same AMC or Fund on Coin and if yes what’s the procedure?

A switch is essentially redeeming one fund and purchasing another within the same AMC.

So for example, you are invested in a small cap fund, you think the market has run up, you can switch from this to a debt fund. This can be done only regular/online funds with a click of a button.

Currently on Coin, you will have to redeem, wait for the proceeds and the repurchase the other fund. No direct switch button is available as these are direct MF held in demat form which is being transacted using the exchange platform. (So works like stocks).

Switch is a capital gain event whatever way you do it - either hit the switch button or redeem and invest. Since you are exiting, the profits will be taxable as capital gains.


Is there any option of switch from one mutual fund to other in coin platform? if not then how can be do it?

There is no switch option for mutual funds in Coin -why?

Do we have to redeem and then invest in different fund

if I sell MF units on a different platform, and then buy the same on Coin, will that still attract capital gains tax?

Capital gains tax applies the moment you sell MF units at a profit. It does not matter whether you buy them back or not, on any platform.

Note that the rate of tax depends on various factors (short or long term, equity vs debt, resident vs non-resident etc). But the tax incidence itself happens the moment you sell units.


Yes. A switch is a sale and a purchase no matter where you do it.

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