Is it true that 95% of the day traders lose money?


Roopa, its depend on the clients mentality, if they r realy followig the SL in the Markets, then they wont loose money , instead of getting profits they will loose money,

they wait for los instaed of booking smart profits


No it’s not true.

If one trader is losing money then there will be always another trader making money. Generally retail investors are more in the market (90% approx.) than institutional investors (10% approx.).

All the institutional investors are specialized in trading, so they do in higher volumes with strategies. Since the volume of retail traders in market is higher the number of traders losing money in intraday appears big.

So its general misconception for every trader and investor lose money trading intraday. Traders with good strategy and analysis will make money in intraday. Intraday trader with good strategy will always make higher returns than any long term investor.

Patience, planning, strategy and well-disciplined trades are the qualities required for intraday trader.


Hell Yeah ! I think > 99% of them lose money…What is also true is that not more than 1% admit that they’ve lost money :slight_smile:


Who is making profits ? Ans is Govt. and Brokers always making profits.

If we have 2 Lac Crore Turnover than following are approximate profits.

STT Rs 100,000,000

Transaction + Clearing Charges Rs 78,000,000

Service tax Rs 12,000,000

Brokerage Rs 11,000,000


Roopa, They may from the beginners , I would be starting { a new trader } by the next week , pray for me.

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@ zero worry, Roopa and all others :slight_smile: pray for me too… just starting as a newbie in the shark sea

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If there are 10 people trading there is possibility that 9 retail investors out of it may lose and the one institutional trader in it may make all the profits. So it may hold true.

If 99% are loosing then who is winning Sir ??

Venu you hit this one hard!
Shiva - 99 out of 100 people are giving their hard earned money to that 1 person!! That one person is known to us as FII.

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Traders do hard work & they work for money. Whereas investors do smart work & money works for them.

Lots of famous big bulls are all investors. Hardly anyone is a successful trader.

90% traders lose money & 90% of investors make money.

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