Is it worth buying T-bill?

  • Is it worth buying T-bill?

Depends on what exactly is your purpose.
If it is only to earn interest for short duration, buying T-bill is not worth the effort.

Why is there so much difference between 10 Year bond and 91 day T-Bill yields? It has not happened for a very long time. Most of the time T-Bill interest yield was better.


By the way, I bought a 91 day T bill at 3.55% yield. Right now, even SBI FD is offering better returns at 3.90% for 91 days and 4.4% for 182 days. I thought the yield mentioned was for only 91 days. Any tips to cope up? XD

Simple answer, both globally by central banks and locally by RBI, huge liquidity was released post Covid lockdowns. So there is huge liquidity sloshing around in hunt of short term yield, which in turn is depressing short term yields.

Lol. Well you got a new learning :slight_smile:

As I said previously

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