Is livestream trading legal?

Is livestream trading legal in India? Are there any youtubers who do livestream trading?

I think it is ok to show your skill, only thing is should not advice and collect fees without RA/RIA license.

I see some YouTubers from US present their views on stocks and provide recommendations. They don’t directly collect fees but they get paid via superchat. Is that legal in US and India?

In US it should be okay I think, in India one can’t give recommendations and collect fees for recommendation with out license but if one can collect in other way it should be okay, I guess. Also getting RA license is very easy.

Showing “what you’ve done/do” is fine. Telling others “what they should do” is the fine line you cross. If you’re RA/RIA licensed, no issues whatsover - just that you have to keep record of everything you say/do.

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Exactly… If u never know what to do, no problem in livestreaming and sharing.