Is Market Depth a Joke?


Check out today’s DHFL movement. There are no buyers from Morning 9:15. Yet the Volume and Last Traded Quantity is ticking. WHY? can anyone explain?


Since the scrip has hit the lower circuit, any buy orders coming at 61.65 get matched with the huge amount of sellers at that price. Hence, the increase in volume.

Since its an F&O traded stock, the circuit limits will be revised by the exchange soon.

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There were 80 lac pending orders at lowest price

4 lac executed so Volume = 4 lacs

Now 76 lacs pending orders

Where is the joke :smile:

On Market depth, you see those values for which opposite side is not present

Since all would love to buy at lowest possible value, and there is opposite side present (sellers at lowest price value), so no buyers will show on market depth.


People buying this stock is a joke :rofl: :rofl:



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If there are buy orders present in the market, why is it not showing in the Depth?


The buy happens instantaneously, there is no wait time as the supply is so much hence the buy orders are not queued up and not visible in the market depth

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Market Depth is kind of waiting list of railways.
But here all of the sell side are waitlisted. Hence all showing in MD.
But on buy side, instant confirm ticket. So nobody showing in wait list.
Even if it is made compulsory to show any bid/ask in MD, the execution is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy faster than computer. So MD cannot pick them.

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