Is my trading strategy against the market or with the current trend in the market?

The best way to find out if your trading strategy is against the market trend or with the market trend is to look up the market and stock charts. The charts are easy to understand and also graphic which makes it easier for novice folks.

There can be two kinds of a trend at any given point in time in the market. Either it will be an upward trend or a downward trend. Of course, the smart thing to do is to trade with the trend and not go against it as it could lead to some major losses.

You also need to understand that investing and trading are different things and work differently. Traders make short-term investments. It could be as short as a few minutes or an hour whereas the investors invest for years. The results are promising for both. But if you want to earn huge profits then long term investment is a good option. Say you invest 80lacs in some company in 2016, then it is possible that ten years down the line the value increase to 8Cr. Now that is an enormous profit! Even if it’s after ten years.

So if you want to prosper then make an investment with the trend. You can also study the 10-year market charts to understand the whole market better and make an informed decision. You might notice consistent growth for a few companies whereas some companies could be in loss for years. This will help you narrow down the industry in which it could be profitable to make investments in.

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