Is NPA parameter only applicable to Banking sector?

Is NPA parameter only applicable to the Banking sector? I don’t see NPA parameters for finance sectors like Bajaj finance.

Can someone please clarity if NPA is applicable only to banks?

NPA recognition is applicable to Banks and NBFCs.



Any why sites like moneycontrol is not showing NPA parameter for NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv Ltd?
Not just moneycontrol, other sites also I can’t find NPA parameter for Bajaj Finserv Ltd

Not sure about other websites you listed, but numbers are generally always declared by NBFC in their quarterly / annual results. Below snapshow of NPA for bajaj finserve from its website:

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True. I also found it on their site but was just wondering why moneycontrol and others don’t list it

Probably they are just being lazy, and left data segregation on some automation :slight_smile:

I have also found data on moneycontrol to be wrong or outdated. So never trust them blindly.