Is Pathfinders trainings by Yogeshwar Vashishtha good? Is paying around 38k for the course worth it?

Is Pathfinders trainings by Yogeshwar Vashishtha good? Is paying around 38k for the course worth it?

Do not join This Or Any Other Courses…!! Its Just Waste of Money in my opinion.

You have to Developed Your Own Style… And Everything is Available on YouTube And Various Site for Free… You just have to look for it…!!

And if you Are to Eager to Learn you will find Everything on YouTube anyways… Where There is a Will there is a Way…!


Put small amounts of money or Paper trade and learn. Read about markets a lot and practice. This is the best way.


Dont join it…I have wasted 30 k last year on it…in every1 hour session , always he starts 10-15 min late.he wastes time on bs jokes…he wastes time on his promotion.and remaining time he talks about market…and later you will realise that…whatever he is teaching is readily available on Google( stockcharts, investopedia) nothing new…on 6 months course he will promote and tell you to join his trading room…and in trading room session he will promote to join option trading course…all are waste of money…


Not sure who this trainer is, But good to know “pathfinders” helped Yogeshwar “find his path” to making a living.


Amen :+1:


This will be useless since youtube, google and TV business channels provide a barrage of info from which you can learn a lot

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He’s a cheat like many others in the market…stay away

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First try to understand market theories by reading zerodha varsity, then by trading in small amount. No paper trading, it does not give u the feel, anxiety. Think of creating a way/syatem of trading, which suits best to you, by trial and error. Improve it further. That’s all. Be aware, all this may take, probably a few years and half of your spare time.

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If you are not full time trader then please learn from start before putting your money into the market. Learning from Google or youtube is all there but not that useful saying based on personal exp.
Haven’t done pathfinders courses

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Ask yourself the questions:

  1. Why do you want the training ? Just to know how investing or trading across stock, currency, commodity market works ? If so do not waste so much of money. Keep reading free stuffs available on Internet

  2. Want to be trader ? What’s your age ? Past experience ? Capital you can bring in ? - I would say if you are determined to become a trader then you can consider the training. However it will not at all help you to trade profitably but show you the rigour required for a successful trader’s life. Citing my case. I retired and took the training because I was determined to become a trader post retirement. But I had 33 years of stock market investing / trading (not day trading though) experience! Yes you have seen it right 33 years. I would say when you are fully committed - determined to spend at least 80% of time in trading and have at least 10Lakh capital then only take the training.

The training will take you through almost all the aspects of trading. But it will NOT cover Derivatives unless you take the specific training on that. But be aware - in all probability you will not start making money… you have to go through painful 1 to 2 year and if you have NOT lost ALL your money by then, you move on to the next stage … After all trading, in particular, is risk management and self control and discipline, which a training can tell you but cannot make you. It is similar to take training on how to drive or how to swim but after all you have to be in the driver’s seat and drive and if your survive initial days, hopefully you will be a good driver :slight_smile: hope this helps …


This training has been a life changer for me. Very well structured course. Kudos to the man, his dedication and commitment towards teaching and making his students more stronger in facing stock market is really magnanimous. Treat stock market like any other business, never look for immediate returns and that’s where most of us fail and quit this business. Risk management is part of this course and that makes us realize the mistakes we do normally getting emotionally attached to the markets. Always loved trading room trading with so many people around the globe with a mentor like Mr. Yogeshwar sir, it’s an amazing experience. You would hardly find anyone doing Live Trading in front of so many people. This course has given me a right knowledge and continuous guidance, Practice , Practice and Practice should be our motto and never try to be more smarter than market. Since I was truly interested into this business, after so much of research I found Pathfinders training. Not sure about how it has impacted others but for me this has been my best decision. A best mentor and its great honor trading with him. We find all sort of people hanging around us, some might motivate us and some might not. It’s once individual call on how best he decides to be. Never miss an opportunity around you. Happy trading guys.

how much did he pay for you to write this fake stuff? everyone knows about this cheat so pls don’t mislead poor traders/investors.

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Lol, I was about to ask the same thing to him. Either he has been paid lot of money for writing such a huge paragraph or attended the training and lost so much money that he want others to suffer the same fate :rofl:

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But i would say, join at least one course, with someone being teaching for some years. It’s worth giving 10-20K rather than badly losing 50k or lakhs without knowing anything about market and stock movements. This field is such a deceptive pit, that after two three wins, anyone will blindly put money into it. Some believe in himself and some believe in fate, that nothing can make him loose money. But then you will understand your own self deceiving. It’s true as @p699 said, practice with little quantity for at least 1 year. Then start with full money. I’m a self taught one.

I’ve seen Yogeshwar sir’s videos. He’s in this field for many years. That wisdom is there in his words while he does live trading. But giving 35k if you want to learn this for part-time business is quite high. Anyone can get wisdom in any field with experience. After 2-3 years, you’ll find yourself as some market guru, because you’ll understand then the notion behind win and loss. If you think you can get rich now without experience, and can manage the fee, go ahead and spend 35 or 50 k whatever and learn with them.

Want to get rich now means? Just by doing a course from Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishth a trader will start making money? What a joke :rofl::rofl::rofl:

First of all… all service providers are failed traders. That is the reason they are offering training services. And consistently profitable traders never provide any training services. And you will be surprised… 90% of outstanding trading books are written by Professional Traders cum authors in their worst phase of trading, usually after an account blow-up or bankruptcy (for royalty of course).

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Hi can you recommend some Youtube channels where I can learn profitable trading. Thanks

:smile: I meant in the other way, “greedy”. You know even after this much experience, course teachers have to charge this much big fee, saying that “you won’t take it serious if less course fee”. :smile: i agree with you.

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Please for god sake don’t join any courses, everything is available online and also you sit and watch market for sometime and get to know the things.

Also there is one more course from “Stock Pro Group” one of the cheating group and they will tell they will show the most advanced and profit making stratergies. But its a bull shit in my opionion. They always posts the screenshots of the some one who made money and never show anyone making loss trades.

After that they say they never asked you to take trade and lose money. I think some one who earn consistently in market with their talent never do these cheap things of courses and all.

First of all trading is not get rich now scheme specially for newbies.

I have seen few of his videos and I can’t find so called wisdom.

The whole point of finding everything on our own is that if you are determined to learn trading then you will find everything. but if you are not that determined then you won’t look for it.

So this will clear up things for you. If you are constantly trying to learn new things about market that means you are determined. But if you are procrastinating and sitting around then you never were determined in first place and no so called expert can help you with their cources.

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