Is RSI really helfull? or does indicators really work?

hey guyss
i just want to know that whether indicators work or not??

for eg RSI

i never find it usefull. i think its little usefull for range trading(sideways)

if they really work can u please tell me how can i learn about them??

Regarding this, would suggest you read this post, will surely give you some insights.

bro… there is no method which works 100 percent, each method has equal chance of success as well as failure… also not one method works best for all.

regarding rsi if you search on internet there are plenty of strategies around this indicator… but in reality i have never found it working that well as it works with historical charts, maybe due to fault of my own or maybe i used it only in isolation but have never found it useful… sell when overbought and buy when oversold, it is really simple strategy to build trades around on historical charts but not during live markets because prices can remain in zones for long periods of times and fluctuations in prices will stop you out before the trend actually turns around.

okkkk budyyy