Is Scalping possible with Delivery trades?

Is scalping possible with delivery trades?

I know that people do that in day trading, but did anyone here did that taking delivery trades?

The stock selection will be based on many parameters like price, volume, moving averages, MACD, RSI etc. But after the purchase is over, the next day or the next 2 days before the stocks are in the demat, markets fall and the trades are in losses already. I don’t mind this, this is a chance I am willing to take, and I will mitigate this risk by not allocating too much no matter how good the chart structure is, I almost allocate the same amount for each trade, except in the cases where the CMP is more.

And I will for the most part trade in Nifty 500, so sometimes there is a chance that I know about the companies I am taking position in, and if they fall where price goes beyond my stop loss, I may not sell and wait for the price to recover. And I will honor and adhere to the stop loss, but occasionally I will not, depending on the situation.

So did anyone scalp with delivery trades, is it possible to do consistently?

I guess there is a chance of combining BTST with scalping, I buy today, price rises today itself after I bought, and I will sell tomorrow.


Yes. It is not a bad idea at all.

Would work amazingly well in bulls markets. tough to execute in sideways and bear mrkts. I think its worth trying.

If we can avoid certain days, this would work like a charm

Yep, that has been the feeling and experience so far.

If the market is rising, profit comes quickly. Although I would not mistake this as my skill :older_adult:

Trying to see if the strategies work when the bear is roaring or sideways too, after all the approach is momentum based, herd following, but with no place for greed. Seeing where the puck is and hoping it will go where I thought it will (Buffett’s quote). Should get enough data, to come to any kind of conclusion though.

And today’s market movement itself is enough to say, it does not work, hence all the small allocations, stop losses etc.

My father has been doing this from years and the experience is that, it is tough, u get to make maximum returns in those 3-4 months of bull run (provided stocks are good) and rest of the time, it is more or less, flat (if done in good fundamental n technical stocks)

I am into scalping, not even swing, let alone positional. I will sell at my predetermined price no matter what. I wont feel bad or shed a tear even if the stock doubles in the next 1 week, like Ruchi Soya or something. Pure scalping.

Get in where everyone else is going, if possible make the quick buck, if tide turns, pay the market, get out, as simple as that :grinning:

Of course, what has been the winning rate, what has been the profit if any, the charges, all this has to be calculated and interpreted after doing this for a while.

And after a while, I will see what story the numbers are saying, as numbers don’t lie, and if it is practical to make this effort, or make a FD and do nothing.