Is sentinel fully free from now on or is it extension of trial?

Received a message saying sentinel is free from today. Very awesome if true :smile: . Just wanted to ensure it’s not extension of trial because even the creation of complex criteria are free. And lastly if true, why is it free?


Yep all free :slight_smile:

Why? Explained in the post.


It should have indicator attributes as well…! Hope its under the works…

You can check out for that.

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It still has too complicated interface. To just add simple alert like crossover for a stock, user is forced to enter 4 fields when required are just one or two.

Today we fill ticket, price, comparator, name. Required are only ticker and price.

Let’s say I am creating five alerts for 5 tickers comparator and price or anything is not remembered. I am forced to enter rule name when I am not interested in what name it gets. It doesn’t get default name based on ticker price. Doesn’t club alerts related to one ticker.

Compare it with simple interface of or alerts from chart of trading view ( which I feel is still far away).

But a great product with poor user interface is not much of a use as per me

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Actually Streak has not been designed as a notification system but for taking trades based on set of predefined rules. For the same reason there are a lot of options made available for our users, so that they can create more complex strategies than a crossover.

The platform takes information including Scrip name, Qty, time frame, Entry condition, TP and SL and to give more flexibility a name for the strategy. If someone is trading using charts, scrip name and time frame are required for analyzing. Qty, TP and SL is required for placing order on any exchange. Rest 2 fields are only strategy name and Entry condition.

Now you can optimized this further and a lot more options are also present. But to create a crossover strategy, you need not use all the options.

For this, you can look at Technicals in Kite marketwatch

I am waiting for the day when Sensibull and streak are also completely free :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: