Is SOS ONLINE a good broker?

Share experience please.

For SAS Online,

Is this query in reference to their Unlimited trading plans ?

No just the platform and less brokerage of flat 9 per order. @portfolioplus911.Do you know about them? Plz share.

Sas online advantages-
Less brokerage

Good platform for trading

Same charting as Zerodha provide .

Rare technical glitch .

Prompt customer service response ( extremely satisfying)


Leverage provided by them are less as compared to Zerodha.
Yet more than sufficient.

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They provide 20x leverage.How is it less as zerodha has the same leverage?Thanks for reply. @amythraj Do you use their platform?

Traded with them 2 years ago on their 999 unlimited. The account is still open, Have not traded with them since then. At that time they had the NEST platform.

About their platforms,

Recently they have come out with new Trading Platforms.

I used Their desktop platform which is as same as pi to backtest some tradescript scrips. What I found is all the bugs and limitations you find on pi is there too. Its the same thing with a new uniform.

Their new Web Platform Screenshots here:

As @amythraj mentioned, my experience with the customer support was exceptional, also the contract notes was proper. Never faced any notable hindrances as such.

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Yes I have used it for 1 year. Up to April 2018.

Zerodha gives more than 20x . I use cover orders.

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