Is streak still in debugging mode?

Hello either the backtest results are random, or their is some problem with the coding part.

Please let me know what does the below code mean?

opening range(open,5 min) higher than equal to Prev N(high,-1,day)

Secondly to validate that first candle is green i used:

opening range(close ,5 min) higher than opening range(open, 5 min)

Check 8th June in Maruti, which is showed in backtest.

one of the other criteria I used in this is that on a 15-min TF ema 15 should be greater than ema 50. still it has taken a trade on 8th july (this vanished when I refreshed. code below:

multiframe completed ( 15 min, ema(close,15,0) higher than or equal to ema(close,50,0)

sometimes transaction details don’t expand.
sometimes it shows “ENTRY CONDITION IS INCOMPLETE OR HAS ERRORS” for some stocks, you refresh 2-3 times then it appears suddenly for the same, and then some other stocks vanish.
having a premium subscription and 50 stocks to backtest, I’m practically wasting my 1000 backtest quota in a hope to see the stock I want. even in the screenshot maruti vanished again.

and you can find it again in the other screenshot. After writing this I thought I’ll just put a screenshot of maruti backtest results when it stopped working. :expressionless: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Please find the backtesting of maruti and let me know where I’m wrong.


Hi @Nitish_Arora ,

This could have been a momentary issue during an upgrade.
If you facing continuous issues with this strategy, we request you to write to [email protected] with the condition details, and our team will check this and get back.