Is there a list of stocks that are allowed for BTST in Equity Cash Segment in Zerodha?

When I try to do a BTST trade in equity cash segment, for few stocks it is successful. For few stocks, an error message is displayed indicating that the stocks are not in my demat account yet. Is there a list of stocks that are allowed for BTST in NSE?

BTST means Buy today and Sell tomorrow so if you are buying something there is no need for you to have that in your demat account. However not every stock is available for buying today and then selling tomorrow. For details read here:- Trading qna

Hey Ravi
One more reason could be that tuesday, 21th was a settlement holiday due to Mumbai elections. What this means is that stock that you had bought on 20th or 21th wouldn’t be updated on your T1 holdings ( All BTST stocks get updated on T1 holdings). Hence when you were trying to sell, it could have said no stock available in your demat.
Check this to know more about settlement holiday and its impact.
You can keep track of all the trading and settlement holidays here.


Stocks that are in the BE category in NSE and stocks that are in the T/ZT category in BSE are not eligible for BTST transactions. Stocks in these categories have to first be taken for delivery in the demat account and only after that can it be sold. Stocks are moved into these categories to curb excess speculative activity.

All other stocks are eligible for BTST transactions but you need to be mindful that stocks in which volumes traded/liquidity is very low are always more prone to short delivery leading to auction settlement for a BTST trade. You can read more about BTST auction penalty here.