My query is suppose a stock is listed for BTST trade and next day when I am trying to sell it in BTST it is not allowing me to sell and rollback to my demat. Why this Happened?

I trade with ICICI, I had bought 10 shares of a stock in BTST(buy today sell tomorrow). The next day when I was trying to sell it for a profit, ICICI told me that it cannot be sold as BTST and I can sell it only when I get delivery, can you tell me why?



Equity stocks are sometimes moved to a category called T2T by the exchange when there is a lot of speculative activity. Once a stock is in T2T segment, you are allowed to do only delivery based trades, i.e buy the stock, wait for 2 days to come to demat and only then sell.

My guess is that in your case, once you had bought the stock on Day1 (at the end of the day NSE/BSE moved this stock to T2T.). So the next day when you logged into the platform, it wouldn’t let you sell as BTST, because once in T2T, you have to wait for the delivery of the stock to happen.

Hope this clarifies.


Thank you for the clarification.