Is there a tool where i can check if a stock falls into any index?

I want to get names of stock exchanges indexes where a stock falls?
Suppose, I want to know about SpiceJet. Now, I want to know indexes it falls into. If it can return both NSE and BSE indexes then better.
By visiting BSE website, I came to know it is in BSE 500 index. Also, it is in Airline industry. So, if there is an index related to Airline? If this stock is part of any index on NSE? Sometimes a stock is part of many indexes on the same stock exchange. There should be a place to know this.

there is no airline index… there are what 3 companies spice, jet and indigo, 3 companies won’t make index.

there is no website which can tell in which indexes a particular stock is in… on nse website stock quote page does show which sector that stock is part of other than this there is no info…

You can check that via For example, for Spicejet -

On BSE -

On NSE -

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Yes, Thank you @Prayag . You understood the question also.

In Indian, I can see Indexes of other exchanges. Means On NSE, I can see all indexes of BSE the stock is in.

U can check on NSE, BSE, money control, investing sites is a pretty nice website and it can help you with your question. You can know about the stock in the index through this website. I have also used it a long time back.