Is there a way to create a standing instruction to automatically move money from my savings account to zerodha equity fund?

Using coin for SIP.

I manually transfer money via IMPS each month to equity fund and upload proof. I can transfer 6 months money at once but in that case I’ll lose sweet 7% interest in my savings a/c.

Is there a way to automate the process?

Add zerodha as a payee and schedule neft /imps transfers

All banks have this features

And I find that the ₹ is automatically credited to me

Didn’t have any need for proof
Experiment with neft & imps
Small amoynt

And see if u get a SMS from zerodha in the same day regarding auto credit

Schedule transfer 2-3 days before your due date every month, to account for holidays and delay in credit

So the money will be processed even if I do not upload screenshot? It’s only 6k/month

@nithin can you please confirm?

Personally I think the screenshot upload feature should be there not as a must, but to clarify disputes.

Thank you very much @Som_E

We don’t need screenshots anymore. Banks have started confirming us the account numbers. We used to ask for it earlier.

Okk thank you. I’ll add some standing instructions then. :slight_smile:

Also, @nithin can I add a secondary bank account in my profile so that I can IMPS from another account and the money gets deposited in my fund?

Yep you can. You can transfer into the trading account from multiple banks, but withdraw only to the primary account.