Is there a way to load multiple time frame charts with market watch?

Hi, Is there a way to load multiple charts of different time frame of the same product(equity, future etc.) with market watch ?
So if I click on any stock, right now only one chart gets displayed in chart window on right hand side. Can I somehow configure to load 2-3 charts of the same product with different time frames (like daily, hourly, 30 min etc.)
It would really help in gauging any trading opportunity in different time frame of the same product.

Please advice if there is such a way. Or if not, is this a feature something which you guys will consider to develop in future ??

@nithin @siva

yes change chart layout as per your preference and save it. you get many options once configured simply save the layout.


Great, Thanks a lot !!

Turns out i was not using TradingView for Charts. This is way better than ChartIQ for traders (as the name suggests). :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there certain indicators/studies which are not available in TradingView for charts ?
I am not able to find “volume profile” study/indicator in TradingView whereas it is there in ChartIQ.

Can someone Pls help with this ?

This isn’t available on Tradingview since we use their library as a client. They don’t provide all options which are available on their website to others.

You can also refer to this post.

another way to analyse charts with indicators is
Add one indicator twice with different settings.