Is there a way to reduce charges?

How can i reduce Exchange transaction and Security transactions charges while trading options?

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For every trade you place you will have to pay these. The only way to reduce these are to reduce the number of your trades.


you are already trading with lower charges when you trade in FNO segment.

you should see the charges in cash segment.


Can you please elaborate on what do you mean by less charges in F & O compared to Cash?

The only direct answer for your question is “trade low premium options and that too less number of trades.”

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Zerodha is not the cheapest any more. There are already brokers charging absolute zero like FINVASIA.

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@t7support True! Finvasia is the cheapest. Helped me save a lot on brokerage. However, there are some charges like GST, Exchange and security transaction, Stamp duty fee, SEBI fees etc that you can’t avoid even if your broker is not charging any fee.

If there is no brokerage then you don’t need to pay GST on brokerage. So you save on that too. You pay GST only on exchange transaction charge.

Any charges that the exchange, SEBI, govt levies neither us nor the broker can do anything. If we trade we need to pay these. Only thing we can do is to trade less so that we pay less on these.