Is there an ETF for Silver?

Is there an ETF for Silver? if yes please share details.

Currently there are no Silver ETF’s in India.

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Thanks Shubh. Appreciate quick response.

@Bhuvan maybe Zerodha AMC can look into it whenever it comes to existence.

@AnoopAnoop meanwhile the only way I found to invest in digital Silver is Bullion India

You can download the Augmont App and buy digital Silver as a minimum of Rs 1.

But the price is SPOT price and incurs 3% GST and also a sell spread is again of around 2%. The physical delivery of Silver is also available with Augmont.

Apparently, SEBI doesn’t want to allow it it-seems. Will find out more.

As per news reports, SEBI is likely considering giving a nod to the introduction of silver ETFs -

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I was going to share the news and saw you already did. Thanks.
So far the only option to invest in digital silver is Goldella (previously Augmont) but comes with an additional 5% cost of fees and GST. ETF would certainly be a good option. How would commodity trading of silver get affected by this move?

  1. iShares Silver Trust (SLV)
  2. Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF (SIVR)
  3. ProShares Ultra Silver (AGQ)
  4. Invesco DB Silver Fund (DBS)

All of them are listed in the U.S

India may soon have Silver ETFs; SEBI considers plan… via @BT_India India may soon have Silver ETFs; SEBI considers plan - BusinessToday