Is there any afl code that can only scan Equity Derivative stocks in NSE

Okay this mite be something stupid but is there any afl code something that can be used to scan only Equity Derivative stocks in NSE, so that I don’t end up exploring unwanted stocks which are not listed



In Amibroker you can scan with any AFL which contains buy and sell  functions to generate signals, scan feature is available in amibroker by default, you can create a new watch list and can add only the list of selected stocks, 

In menu bar of Amibroker go to  Analysis -> Automatic analysis and configure proper settings and can scan with your AFL

check the below screenshot

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You can create watchlist in Amibroker where only required symbol which you trade can be added.

To add symbols in watchlist

Select the stock > Right Click > Add to watchlist > select the watchlist number

Scan or exploration on these watchlist can be run to avoid getting results from all the scripts.

To use scanner or exploration with watchlist,

Select “Use Filter” > Select Watchlist and scan can be run.