Is there any cap on price in SL order

@nithin @siva & all senior members:


Suppose I have sold ₹40/- share. I put SL trigger price ₹20 and price as ₹2. Will the order be accepted after trigger price is caused in Zerodha kite? My idea is to exit immediately on crossing ₹20 as market order type. In other words is there any cap on price to trigger price in SL orders as SL-M is not there in GTT orders?


There is no restriction on how far away Limit Price can be from Trigger Price but Limit Price should be within circuit limits of the stock, else your order will be rejected.

Thank you Sir.

Is circuit price applicable for nifty options also for non rejection?

Kindly tell me whether I can place trigger price 20 limit price 2 for nifty options LTP 40? (trigger price is OK but is limit price OK?)

Options don’t have circuit limits but have execution range, you can learn more on this here.

Yes, you can place. But if your price is outside execution range, order won’t execute.