Is there any flag in any portal to determine stock is mid cap or small cap?

Rather than we manually determining whether the stock is mid cap or small cap based on number of outstanding stocks and price, is there any portal or software which display whether a stock is large cap or mid cap or small cap?

You can use to know the market cap instantly and based on that you can judge under which category the stock falls.

Sorry that’s not what i was looking for. Is there any portal or website calculating and displaying whether it is large or mid or small cap than me manually categorizing based on market cap (no. of outstanding stock * price)

Hey, here is how you can determine the market cap.

Large cap: Market capitalization of more than Rs 5000 cr
Mid cap: Market capitalization between Rs 1000 cr to Rs 5000 cr
Small cap: Market capitalization under Rs 1000 cr

You can also check out the indices such as NSE midcap index, NSE smallcap index and others.

Thanks to you both for prompt response and appreciate it; though it seems no body is displaying market cap type information easily and readily available.

Mega Cap: Companies whose market cap is more than 20,000 crore rupees.
Large Cap: Companies whose market cap is between 10,000 to 20,000 crore rupees.
Mid Cap: Companies whose market cap is between 500 to 10000 crore rupees.
Small Cap: Small cap are those who market cap is below 500 crore rupees.