Is there any good intraday stock future advisor?

Good is a relative term, so you will first have to define good. For most people a good stock advisor is someone who can give you 5 to 10% return per week atleast :), I don’t know if there is any that good stock future advisor. If good is 30 to 40% annually, there are a few out there.

If they will get 80% to 90% accuracy on recommendation advice in stock investment, through which 15% to 20% of profit , Can be gain on monthly , Basis if you follow the strategy.

You mean like advisory services offered by some brokers?
I think there are many, but its not quite suggested to follow them.
You can open your own advisory services, if you are in the markets and experience it for quite some time :stuck_out_tongue:
Dont go for it!


understood but if we have 10k we can wait a year long to get 40%,but with 1 lk on hand one needs to grow it as fast as possible with 5 0r 10% per week,the after achieving growth can wait a year long.if you tell those 40% per annum advisors it will also be very helpful.