Is there any Institutional trading Data in US Markets like we have of FII/DII Data?

Does US Markets have any Institutional trading data like we have of FII/DII data, So we can track their markets too from Institutional Angle also ?


Even I’m interested to know about this

Unlike on Indian exchanges where data is typically given out for free and exchanges earn from transaction fees, in the US the business model is completely reverse. Exchanges charge for all types of data and transaction is usually free. I can’t really think of a free resource to track this.

Among the paid ones,

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Just curious what % of equity USA trades are executed in the NYSE,Nasdaq exchanges ? (In India it is 100%)
In USA dark pool /market makers execute most of the trades right? Brokers sell order flow to the market maker/dark pool operators right?
Futures & option orders are all executed at exchange?

Thanks @nithin It’s good source to track Institutional data…

are the fees in US markets less than our markets ?
Like we have STT, Exchange transaction charges etc etc.
Do you US have similar charges ?

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I had written this a couple of years back