IS THERE ANY KIND OF NO-LOSS / ZERO LOSS TRADING STRATEGY, which so called trainers claim to teach?

Very interesting and useful. I guess it is a spreadsheet.
Please could you share headers and couple of so that we can also start and improve ours ? Many thanks.

If you have sufficient CASH balance, convert MIS to NRML & wait for next/few days… Zero-Loss?, you may get a chance to Profit… but it can go in any direction, Boss… But, my exp says, it works. this is applicable to Intraday… :slight_smile:

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There is no bullet-proof strategy

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That’s lot of info, thanks.
Are you a full time trader?

In which srocks fno or currency fut?

arbitrage is no loss stratgey and unfortunately retail wont get any chance to take advantage of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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It can be used in both. It is the principle you need to note.

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Can I use this strategy for nifty ??

Excellent . Pl guide me as to how in the current senerio I can use this strategy in nifty

Just understand this basic thing
"A zero loss strategy will give you Zero profit"