IS THERE ANY KIND OF NO-LOSS / ZERO LOSS TRADING STRATEGY, which so called trainers claim to teach?

many trainers are coming up both online , offline , print media , even phone-call marketing .

saying they have the best training institute .

what are your views ?

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Zero loss strategy is very difficult to achieve. You could try spread trading, options shorting, etc strategies that gives fixed profit but is difficult to learn and one must be really smart to do it.


Hi… These are nothing but a bunch of loosers themselves waiting to make a killing by trapping new guilable entrants in stock market looking for that holy grail and falling for the trap… Tell them to make millions by themselves… (They might even convince you saying that they want to share their knowledge to help others… Just tell them to pass it on to you for free if they really want to do some charity!!) I have come across many of them trying to sell their 100% accurate, 0% loss making strategies for Rs. 4000/-!!! Common guys… Give me a sigh!!! Better to educate yourselves and do the best possible… Trading is nothing but to sticking to a simple, may be a time proven strategy, giving losses at times too, so that you are never over the sky, with full discipline in trade and money management… Just go with the one that suits your comfort and make a killing yourself… At least you yourself will be responsible for the losses, if any, rather than any idiot looser…One advise to all of the new comers - It’s mandatory to keep a trading journal… Belive it or not but this helps a lot!!! Happy Trading!!!


A very simple two pronged FNO strategy might work. First, using technical analysis, create a positional debit spread(bull call or bear put). Keep a close watch on the stock/index price. If the price moves against you, buy a single long option with slightly higher delta than the debit spread. That way, you are creating an arbitrage, so that your losses are always covered by the long option. Just make sure you have enough time before expiry day.


There is nothing called zero loss strategy. Ofcourse you can have a situation of minimum loss strategy if you follow a time tested strategy combined with discipline. The following video gives some insights on intraday trading and picking the right stocks for intra day trading. There are some intermittent editing issues. The viewer can get hold of the excel file by dropping in his mail in the comments section.​

Hi there is no zero loss tradegy in trading. All one can do is to maxmise profit and minimise loss by following a tested strategy that best suits. For more insight please watch the video which is about selecting the right stocks for intraday trading. There are some occassional intermittent editing issues. At the end of the video the viewers can get the excel file by dropping in a mail in the comments section.

i can certainly put in efforts to learn .
any soruces where i can get this knowledge ?

Zerodha varisity has couple of chapters on this. Check their futures and options chapters. Additionally, learn about different options strategies.

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i record daily buys , sells & profits in a dairy .
please explain your version of a journal and how do you manage it . what key points should consider ?

My format is simple…
On the very first page I jot down my strategy to be traded upon.This involves every minute details right from trade initiation to profit booking criterias and general instructions to be followed.I treat this like a prescription described by a doctor !!
Also not to forget to mention the exceptions.For eg.I will not trade on a RBI announcement or in the second half of the expiry day.
Than on each day I write down the all the details of trade with an exact reason as to why I took the trade.
Than I highlight positive and negatives from that day and make sure from the next day I eliminate the negatives and keep up the positives.These points can be anything that you feel good or bad about your performance before, during and/or after the trade.
This all might sound unnecessary or silly but trust me reading the trading journal daily trains your sub conscious mind to automatically react in the best possible way every time the trade comes.Also it helps me bring discipline in trading which is the crux of success in trading as a profession… I also ensure emotional stability all the way through.i.e dont carried away by a profitable trade nor get bogged down by a loss making one…Not to forget to keep both, fear and greed,at bay…The main hindrances in the path of success in trading…Hope this helps.!!!
Have a happy and profitable trading journey ahead !!!


#salute #respect …very beautifully explained.

sir pls explain in detail …
i am anewbie and do not understand the technical terms like bull call , bear put , etc
i have done till now only futures trading.
but this one seems really interesting :slight_smile:

I suggest you study option trading module at Zerodha Varsity. That should give you a fairly good idea about option trading. To explain it very simply, the value of an option does not increase/decrease at the same rate as the underlying share price(unlike futures whose value increase/decrease like the share). The rate at which an option will make profit/loss according to the changing share price is called delta. Mathematical arbitrage uses option delta to ensure that the net position always makes profits. You just need an option calculator to calculate the net delta.

“ALWAYS MAKES PROFIT” you said the 3 magic words any trader wants to hear.
varsity study started .
where can i get more details on mathematical arbitrage , option calculator ,delta etc ?
thanks a lot .

For mathematical arbitrage, refer to the Youtube channel of UCLA, where a mathematics professor explains the concept in details. Option calculator is available with Omnesysindia. Contact Zerodha support for setting up an account with omnesysindia. Otherwise, you can study the Black-Scholes option pricing model and build your own calculator in Microsoft Excel or RStudio… For different types of option spreads, I studied a book called “The Bible of Options Strategies” by Thomas Cohen

HI,iam using this strategy

It is a Riskfree or no loss FNO Trading Strategy

Long 1 lot futures contract
Sell 1 OTM Call
Buy 1 ITM Put
With this strategy we can earn monthly up to 12% without risk


Suppose the Infosys stock is currently trading at Rs.935 on February6 . If the trader is neutral to bullish and he setup this trade by writing the call option of 1020 for Rs2.7 while simultaneously he buys the 1000 put for Rs.67.

Buy 1 Lots of FEB 1000 PUT : 67
SELL 1 Lots of FEB 1020 CALL : 2.7
Buy 1 Lot of infosys Future at Rs.935

If the stock price rally to Rs.1020 or above at expiration date, his maximum profit is Rs.10,250
On the other hand, should the stock price plunge to Rs.900 instead,he has profit of Rs.250
However, should the stock price remain unchanged at Rs.935, while his net profit is still Rs.250
So,he is in profits regardless the movement of the stock.

Position Will be Closed on or Before FEB,2017 Expiry

Maximum Loss Risk Involved in the trade : 0

Maximum Profit Potential : RS.10,350

Return if stock remains unchanged : RS.350

During FEB Expiry


Underlying Value at Expiry Total Profit and Loss

                        1075           -           â‚ą 10,350
                        1047           -           â‚ą 10,350
                        1029           -           â‚ą 10,350
                        1019           -           â‚ą 9,925
                        1010           -           â‚ą 5,250
                        1000           -           â‚ą 575
                        991             -           â‚ą 350
                        982             -           â‚ą 350
                        972             -           â‚ą 350
                        950             -           â‚ą 350
                        900             -           â‚ą 350

Exclusion of transaction costs during calculation
For ease of calculations, we have not taken into consideration the transaction cost that would be incurred by the investor upon entering the above strategy.
Investors are requested to calculate their brokerage and transaction charges as per applicable to them prior to entering any transaction.
for more details and examples visit this blog


it will not work with every stock. if you choose “idea” or any other stock it will not work.[/IMG]

I actually have traded using a zero loss strategy as explained in this video:

It does make sense and ensured you always win.


Use this it might help, not a zero loss strategy works.most of the time

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