Is there any possibilities can I modify/Cancell my completed orders?

A sped arrow cannot come back my friend.:wink:

Least you can do is to choose if you want to do an intraday trade or carry forward.

Not possible.

If you do not want the order which got executed, square it off immediately to avoid any loss.

If you are already in loss, check whether you can sqaure it off within intraday, else try to convert it to CNC and hold it so that you can sell tomorrow.

Never add additional shares to a losing position, so that you can make the average look better.


100 shares you buy at 150 rupees

Price moves to 145 rupess, since loss is high.

You buy another 100 shares at 145 rupees average = (100 x 150 + 100 x 145) / (200) = 147.5

Its equivalent to buying 200 shares at 147.5, you hope price would come back close to 147.5 so that you can sell off all 200 without any loss.

But it could become worse if price goes further below (lesser than 145). So never add shares to a losing position.