Is there any way to execute limit orders at exact 9.15

I need to place a SL AMO order at my desired price in a stock where liquidity is not an issue for eg. Reliance

But the problem is that, in spite of the price crossing my trigger price and limit price, the order doesn’t get executed.

My trigger price is always lower than the limit price while buying. I tried all possible ways I am aware of to get it done, but couldn’t find a way out.

A few people I know said small retail traders don’t have the liberty to get orders executed at 9.15 at their desired price. Is this true

Can you please help @nithin

Hmm… the previous day’s closing price has no bearing when the market opens the next trading day. Your SL or limit orders will get executed only based on the traded prices the next day. Also when trading opens, all orders are queued up at every price with time priority (orders placed earlier, ahead in the queue) and your order execution depends on if all orders ahead of your order in the queue are executed first.
This applies to everyone and not just retail traders.


I am using the previous days price just as a reference point for entry. I understand it has very little to do with the next day.
The queue that you are talking about, is it the queue of orders placed in the ‘pre-market’ session of 9.00 to 9.07 or between 9-08 to 9.10 am where AMO orders are still accepted.
The reason I am asking this is because the prices are settled at equilibrium price only after the pre-market session right. So one would only place orders post it, right ?
Please pardon my silly questions, I am working on an algo/strategy and the foundation needs to be rock solid in this case.

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A question from a newbie trader to an experienced trader - Is it really possible to execute the order at a limit price in the way I mentioned above. If yes, can you please suggest the best possible way. If no, we can get back to what we were doing. Another thing that crossed my mind was that, there must be some mechanism to decide which broker’s orders are executed first at the NSE systems. Maybe I am thinking too much, may be I am on the right track.

No, it isn’t possible to execute an order at limit price which is away from current market price. Exchange systems don’t give priority to any particular broker.

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Can you also shed some light on this.

Orders get placed from 9 am to 9.07 am, so if you place orders at 9 am, you are going to be ahead in the queue as compared to placing orders at 9.15 am.

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Is the order placed as AMO (the previous day) considered to be the orders before this time or everything is amalgamated and considered as the orders placed in 9 to 9.07 time frame?