Is there any way to get scrip price sms alerts?

Is there any way to get sms whenever a particular stock reach a pre- specified price? Like say I want sms alert whenever BhartiAirtel reach 550 LTP.
Do you know any other brokers who provide this?
Motilal, Edelweiss or ShareKhan?

This website provide this service.

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Looks like they send email not sms. Are you sure they provide sms service?

No, They don’t provide sms alerts.
I use in Chrome browser.
And Whenever any alerts comes It show up in real time in my Mobile notification just like SMS.

Oh… That’s great. Do you mean they have mobile app or you have enabled notifications in your mobile chrome browser?

You can try Money control , since they provide SMS alert

They charge for it! Instead of giving them the subscription fee, I would open one more trading account with a broker who provides it for free

Enabled browser Notification.
It’s Totally free of cost.

You also get the authentic News related to any Stock.
Which company report to Exchange.
This is very helpful in taking real time Trades based on news.

If yoiu open another trading account , you will be paying Demat AMC charge, in other words you will be paying for it , actually not free .

Yes! But I get access to ask their services at that cost. Here they charge only for sms