Is there any way to know tomorrow circuit limit of any stocks in adv.?

Is there any way to know tomorrow circuit limit of any stocks in adv. ??

Yes, you can calculate as Circuit Limit’s are based on previous day’s close.

Eg. If a stock has Circuit Limit of 10% and closed at Rs. 100 today, then tomorrow Circuit Limits will be Rs. 90 LC and Rs. 110 UC.

But i have seen sometimes limits are reduced even after closing at upper circuit today.

Eg. Like yesterday limit was 20 but today 10.

Why so ??

Exchange changes price bands for some stocks daily, based in volatility and other factors. Exchange publishes a report named “Price Band Changes From Next Trade Date” here, which will cover these changes.

At what time these reports are released on that date ??

After market close, cannot tell exact time though.

Plz shed some light on what grounds limits are changed and very important ques…
Burger king yesterday closed at upper circuit 162rs and 20% of that would be 32.4 then how the upper circuit for today was 213…how come ??

NSE updates circuit limits after 5pm for next day, bse updates next morning around 7 am.

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Got it! :+1:thanks for info.

If stock closed at upc limit then why it has been changed from 20 to 10%…as u said based on prev. Day performance it should remain 20…not this not the thing in case of burger king brought down from 20 to 10%

Can circuit limits be revised the sameday like for
Eg. From 10 to 20 on the same day ??

Exchange has internal parameters, to crub excessive volatility or speculation they can make changes to price bands.

Stocks which do not have F&O contracts have fixed price bands, these won’t change during the day.

Stocks which have F&O contracts have dynamic price bands, once the Circuit Limit is reached in these stocks price bands are relaxed further. You can learn more about this here.