Is there any way to track dividend in quant or kite app?

Hi I have more than 50 stocks in my portfolio,is there any way to track dividend efficiently ?

All dividends get credited to your bank account and there would be an inward entry I am guessing. But this is on our list to do for the new Q. Our P&L will also show all the dividend credits that you are supposed to have received.

Thanks a lot for your valuable response.

Hi Nithin,
For recently dividend credited by TCS, it is showing in Zerodha ledger but not in bank account. What needs to be done ?

This could happen when you sell the stock on ex-date and we debit the stock towards meeting the Exchange payin. As on the record date, if the stock is lying with us, we would receive dividend on your behalf and would pass it on to you as a credit towards on your trading ledger. You can withdraw these dividends to your bank account by placing a withdrawal request.

That explains it. My stocks are under margin for leverage. You passed the dividend.