Is there any way to use custom coded indicators in Zerodha TradingView Charts?

Hi Zerodha Community.

Is there any way to use custom coded indicators on TradingView charts on Zerodha like we have on

I have around 10+ indicators other then defaults which are available in zerodha. I want to test them on single chart.

Why i am asking this -

  1. I have created my own indicators and i want to test those on live market.
  2. I am able to test them on
  3. But as you all know that we need to subscribe for monthly or annual service to use more than 3 indicators.

Some simple tips for you to use multiple indicators (More than 3) in Tradingview (Common Trick can be used by anyone)

Create Multiple Accounts on and open each account on Different Web Browser hurray now you are able to use [ 3 * Number of Accounts]


Not possible.

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@siva In Future on Zerodha ?

Maybe, can’t guarantee as of now.

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Hmm i understand cuz if this thing happened tradingview paid version will be kind of free on Zerodha.

No, because TV don’t give that option for others and want to do it only on it’s site, btw we pay TV and is not free.


The tradingview on zerodha is more like basic free version of tradingview right except screen split thing there are no premium options. The indicators we can use more than 3 but limited to default indicators so not kind of premium. No custom indicator, no strategy testing, no order placing facilities from chart, no alerts, no watchlist as its already there on zerodha.

So from my perspective its more kind of free version. Same thing used in many brokers like Upstox, AliceBlue, Fyers etc.

Nope, this is paid version only but TV don’t want to give any of their premium features onto broker platforms even if we are ready to pay.


Can’t zerodha develop its own charting platform…

That will be a very big project, currently we don’t have bandwidth or expertise to build it, maybe in coming years we will give a thought.

Zerodha should seriously consider partnering with Reliable Software (RSSPL), their software ‘Reliable Fox’ is amazing! and many brokers (both fulltime and discount have already partnered with them!!!).

Last year I had requested about inclusion for 4hr timeframe and still it is not available in Zerodha Tradingview.

Even if I have to pay a subscription for a quality tech analysis platform, I am ready to pay.