Is there GST applicable on CRED CASH EMI payments?

Hi all, I am need of CRED CASH. I have CRED app installed but some questions before I avail a loan from them.

  1. Is there GST applicable on EMI repayments in case i availed CRED CASH LOAN?
  2. Whether they have any customer care number where I can directly talk to them?
  3. How to repay the EMI if i avail the cred cash? I mean via NEFT or how it is done?
  4. I read that loan foreclosure do not have any additional charge. But how to pay additional to EMI to them?

Above questions are not answered in the CRED app.

If anybody availed their service please answer me. Your help is much appreciated.

My answer is not what you are looking for and I am sure someone here will be able to assist you. However, if you are unable to get all these answers from the cred website, why are you still interested in using their cash loan.

I would stay away if I were you and I am sure there are many other similar companies who can meet your requirement.

Disc: Not an advise, please do what you feel is right.