Is there risk of auction when doing BTST in stocks that have option/future?

if a stock is in option/future trading, is there risk of going into auction when doing BTST on these stocks. The reason I ask is, i heard there is no upper/lower price band for stocks that are in F/O segment. So there is no risk of stocks in this segment hitting the circuits. So all the short trades will be closed by day end.

I hope someone will clarify if my understanding is correct.

Thank you

In any segment auction risk is because of other trader/ stocks with 5-10 % circuit, & Non Index stocks
Even FNO stocks have circuit limit, if hit , trading will be paused for a while and again circuit will be revised & trading resumes, Refer Rcom example.
Chances of auction in FNO stocks are almost Nil

thanks q45 for answering. Nice to know chances of auction in FNO stocks are almost nil. There is also the very very rare case where there is no seller even without hitting circuit.

You mentioned that “Even FNO stocks have circuit limit”. As you said, the circuit will be revised and trading resumes. so in effect there is no circuit limit.

Thanks, you got my point, in case of Rcom trading resumed after a minute, but i don’t have the screen shots,
I am writing this , with confidence, i have seen circuit hit on Nifty index long ago , while i was trading :slightly_smiling_face: it was a common thing on NCDX so while doing BTST , take your trade based on your money management, No risk No trade also :slightly_smiling_face: you can read my " Last Hour Tradimg

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