Is this algo trading SAR (stop and reverse) strategy possible on pi or zerodha trader?

it is for usdinr on 5 min chart, it is SAR (stop and reverse). the initial entry is discretionary. target is 2x ie RR of 1:2 only for initial entry. for all reverse trades target is breakeven. SL is 1 tick below or above of low or high of that candle depending on buy or sell. if target hits then our position is closed. with every sl our quantity will get increased. 

see the above chart. the first buy signal suppost i bought 1 lot at high of that candle. which is manual entry by me. sl would be 1 tick below the low of that candle. and sl quanity would be 3 lots. now you can see in the next candle my sl got hit and now i am short 2 lots and my sl would be the initial bought level and sl quantity would be 5 lots. see the next candle my sl got hit again and now i am long 3 lots and sl would be initial sl and quantity would be 8 lots. but at this time my target gets hit which is breakeven. we can do it upto 7 SLs

so my questions-

can we do it automated.?
once we place our 1st order manually, is it possible all sl and target orders get placed automatically?
in breakeven we'll also consider expenses because in currency trading expenses are major part. so is it possible to calculate expenses by our lots and place targets accordingly?

all inputs are welcome.

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As per the above query it is not possible to code with tradescript, and pi has semi automated trading as of now.